The Used Car Game

30. October, 2014


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Are you thinking about buying a used car? The dreaded car shopping journey can be a frustrating and scary experience. I have been a used car dealer, and may venture into that world again. I have seen things that are scary to me, and I know cars. I recently visited a used car lot and was floored by the lack of knowledge the sales people had about the vehicles they were selling. I wondered if they had even driven the cars they are trying to sell to their customers. I test drove a car and knew more in a drive around the block than they knew. I was appalled, is it really all about money? Do they not even care that the cars they sell are unsafe?

Please, take the time and spend the money to have your purchase checked out by a professional mechanic before laying down the money for what may be unsafe, or a money-pit. I can do a Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection and tell you more about the car you are considering than the person selling it probably even knows.

There are honest car dealers out there. For example, when I sold cars here, and at my previous business, I ALWAYS checked each car out and did the needed repairs and maintenance needed to make those vehicles safe and not needing repairs or maintenance when leaving my lot. A majority of the cars I bought for resale were missing jacks and spare tires. Imagine buying your car and getting caught on the side of the road with now spare or jack. I know for a fact that many used car dealers do not even take the time to check at least that. I suspect some don’t even check the oil.

I am not saying that all car dealers practice business this way, but I do know that some do. I have had calls from customers who had just bought a car and then discovered they have huge repairs that need to be done. The cost of a “Buyer’s Inspection” by a qualified mechanic to help you avoid costly surprises is worth every penny.

Know what you are buying.

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