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Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle is the key to getting the most out of your investment. All vehicle manufacturers provide maintenance schedules that can reduce repair expenses on your car or light truck. R&L Automotive in Post Falls has access to the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle and can advise you on what maintenance should be done at any given mileage.  Following a Maintenance Schedule is a preventative maintenance and will prolong the life of your vehicle and save you money in the long term.

R&L Automotive can help you keep your vehicle properly maintained and save you costly and preventable repairs that result from maintenance neglect. All service and repairs are done by an ASE certified mechanic.

Typical Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Every 3,000 miles

  • Change oil
  • Inspect air filter
  • Check fluid levels
  • Inspect wiper blades
  • Check tire pressure
  • Test battery
  • Inspect axles & drive shafts
  • Inspect outer drive belts
    Every 6,000 miles

  • Tire rotation
    Every 15,000 miles

  • Review prior maintenance history
  • Check for manufacturer’s specific
  • maintenance items
  • Inspect engine
  • Inspect fuel & exhaust components
  • Inspect ignition components
  • Test battery, charging &
  • starting system
  • Inspect transmission & clutch
  • Inspect suspension & steering
  • Inspect brakes, tires & wheels
  • Inspect cooling system & hoses
  • Inspect outer drive belts
  • Inspect lights
    Every 30,000 miles

  • Replace transmission fluid
  • Replace brake fluid (or every 3 years)
  • Replace coolant (or every 3 years)
  • Replace differential fluid (if equipped)
  • Replace transfer case fluid (if equipped)
  • Replace spark plugs (if not extended life plugs)
  • Distributor cap & rotor (if equipped)
  • Inspect spark plug wires (if equipped)
  • Replace cabin filter (if equipped)
    Every 60,000 miles

  • Replace spark plugs (platinum)Replace timing belt (if specified by manufacturer)
    Every 90,000 miles

  • Replace timing belt (if specified by manufacturer)
    Every 105,000 miles

  • Replace spark plugs (iridium)
  • Replace timing belt (if specified by manufacturer)
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