How Do You Find a Good Mechanic?

9. November, 2016


I always hear from new customers that they have had a hard time finding an honest mechanic.  So how does a person look for the right shop for their automotive needs?  What should you look for?

If you have a new vehicle then you will need to go to the dealership for warranty repairs, however, federal law states that you are free to have anyone do your service work. You can read more about this in my previous post “The Dealership Alternative  If warranty issues some up, the dealership may ask to see records of maintenance, so you should keep records, or use a repair facility keeps records of your vehicle.    

Consumer Reports states “Based on annual surveys, we find consumers generally have a higher level of satisfaction with independent shops over car dealerships.” 

Finding a mechanic you are comfortable with and can trust is the challenge.  The first option is usually internet search.  Does the facility get good reviews?   Does the website tell you what you need to know? 

Considerations to narrow the options.

·       Certification           Does the shop have any industry


·       Warranty              What does the repair facility offer for


·       Experience             Who is going to be working on your


·       Personal                Do you get personal attention with the


·       Professional           Does the mechanic have a professional


·       Honest                   This is difficult to identify, what do reviews


When you feel you have found a repair shop that you are considering, a phone call can go a long way towards getting an idea how business is handled.  It is always nice to be able to speak directly with the mechanic, your concerns or needs can lose translation going through a service advisor.  Often during a conversation with my customers, things are said or questions come up that can help immensely with diagnosing the problem at hand.  Of course, nothing replaces meeting your mechanic face to face.  That is where the relationship really begins, do you feel comfortable talking with the representative at the repair shop?  Do you feel your concerns or needs are being acknowledged?  Do you get the personal attention that you deserve? 

I feel these guidelines will help you find a good mechanic that can take care of your repair and maintenance needs.  These are the areas I try to cover when meeting a new customer.  You and your vehicle are important, take the time to find the right shop for you and your car.