Winter – It’s Just Another Season if You Are Prepared

19. October, 2016



With the cooler temps and all the rain, I have been thinking it is time to winterize our RV.  It occurred to me that my customers should be preparing their vehicles for the winter season as well.  As I was running through my mind the things that I take for granted that everyone knows, I received a text from a friend that had recently purchased a used vehicle and found out under unfortunate conditions that the vehicle had no jack.  I considered how amplified that situation would have been if it were 10 below zero and snowing, so that is what prompted this post.

At the top of the list in preparing your vehicle for winter is being certain the maintenance is up to date.  Other items to consider include:

Wiper blades – summer heat really trashes wiper blades

  • Lights – Very important as most of us will be driving to & from work in the dark
  • Heater – Does your defroster work properly? Does the fan work well?  Is the heater output temperature where it should be?
  • Battery – Have your battery tested, cold temperatures can kill a weak battery
  • Exhaust – Leaks in the exhaust system can cause fumes to enter your vehicle
  • Tires – Obviously traction is an issue, but also uneven tire wear can indicate other issues that can become a serious concern on slick roads
  • Spare tire- also jack and jack tools, how about the key for those locking lug nuts. Do you have aftermarket wheels, does your lug wrench fit the lug nuts?  A small tool kit would not hurt either.
  • Is the anti-freeze protection sufficient for your area?

Winter driving precautions should include carrying some basic emergency items in your vehicle.  These items might include flares, flashlight (and extra batteries), gloves, blankets (perhaps even a sleeping bag), boots, anything you think you would want if you were to be stranded or have to walk some distance for help.  A small shovel is a good idea, and a little kitty litter can get you out of some situations.  A first aid kit is highly advisable.

Winter driving is not something to be taken for granted.  Anything can happen out there, summer or winter, but winter elements hugely compound the problems we encounter in the aftermath of a mechanical failure, or accident.

Winter offers an amazing array of outdoor recreation, but often driving is involved to get to that recreation.  Be ready for whatever winter throws at you by taking a little time to make certain your vehicle is prepared for those winter conditions.